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Hello Everyone,

I'd like to announce a few new things and changes that will take place in 2019, but before I do so... I'd just like to say THANK YOU to all those who took their effort and time in booking a collection with me and used my photography services this 2018 year. I can not thank you all enough for all the love, support and experiences this year. I'm grateful to have met many new faces and as well captured a few returning ones. It means so much to me to have all your trust and loyalty to have me capture the most important milestone in your life/lives. If you read my 'About Me' section on my website, you know I love to capture every single important milestone and this year, I had the opportunity to capture all that. It has challenged me to be a better and stronger photographer than I was in the previous years.

Now onto announcing a few new things and changes that will take place for 2019...

  • I will not be posting that many blogs anymore. It's been hard to keep up with all the blog posts. I'd rather use the time to edit and be fully in tune with you all in answering your questions, emails and messages. I will still post a few here and there but not every single session as I've done so in the past.
  • I will be very limited with bookings due to the demands of my full time job. That is why I now have a Calendar section available on my website for you all to check my availability. Don't be discouraged if a day says I'm not available or if it only shows for reschedules, please still inquire and we can definitely put something on the Calendar. I'd like to be as available as I can for those who absolutely need to have their memories capture. I'm all about helping others invest in their memories, so please continue to reach out and book your session with me.
  • I will be doing a FREE mini session giveaway for 6 people or less to kick start 2019 year. It will include 2 free images with digital download access but with no print release. I will have a flyer for this promotion soon. Be on the look out on my Facebook page for this.
  • If you book a Standard or Wedding Collection with me for 2019 and follow through, you will automatically get 1 FREE photo magnet included in your photo collection package. You can choose whatever photo from your session with me for this free magnet, however, it will have my watermark text display but not very visible to the eye. 
  • I will be promoting my printing products more for 2019. For example, I kicked start this promotion already, that if you buy $100+ in printing products through my photography service, you will get a free gift of your choice, either 1 free photo magnet, a photo button pin, or a 5x7 Deep Matte Print with white frames/borders around it. This free gift of your choice when you buy $100+ in printing products will not have my watermark display over. You do not have to book a session or have booked a session with me in the past in order to use my photography service. If you have a print release from the photographer who took your photos, I am more than happy to help serve you, but if it's not a session you had with me, a photographer's printing release must be shown. I will absolutely not print any photos without the photographer's permission. **If you want to order prints from a session that you had with me from years ago, indicate your name, what event, and if possible, year or date of your session taken and I can give you re-entry access to your gallery for up to 1 week at not charge, this will come with no digital download access and images will have my watermark display over for copyright reasons.
  • I do offer different printing sizes but only by special requests. Here is the full list of my prints in case you are wondering what sizes I can do. Just letting you all know that anything highlighted in Yellow are the typical and standard sizes that people usually buy, and therefore, it is what I promote/advertise the most.
  • My Standard and Wedding Collection prices are pretty much set for 2019 year and I will not be increasing my prices unless I absolutely have to. I like to set my prices comfortable enough for clients to return and have me capture more memories for them. That's always been my goal and motto since I started my photography. Memories should be invested with every chance you get, it should not be that you return once in a blue moon for a memory or milestone to be captured.
  • I would not be where I am today if not for my loyal clients referrals. 80% of my bookings is through referrals! I've kept track of this since 2016. Therefore, starting January 1st, 2019, I'll be starting a referral discount game where I give clients or someone a referral code, and that client mentions and uses that code for their session with me. That booked client will get $5.00 off their Standard Collection with me or $20.00 off their booked Wedding Collection (it will not be applicable to those who already booked and turn in their wedding contracts). Specific rules on how to 'play' this referral code will apply and these rules will be mention to the person who I'm giving this code to which they will have to sign and date that they understand the terms and conditions of it. Which by the way, this code or codes will be very discreet, it makes the game interesting and fun. Why am I making it discreet? because if I get a lot of booked clients who uses that code, that code will get tallied up and traced back to the person I gave that code to - in which that person who I gave that code to will get a FREE surprise gift at the end of the year. The free gift is worth very valuable, so those who play this Referral Discount Game will need to sign and date the form to validate their code. Contact me about this referral game and how you can play, serious players only! :)


Last but not least, just a reminder that if you've booked a session and or used my photography service this 2018 year, check out my Facebook page on January 2nd, 2019 to see if you are the lucky winner of two FREE 8 inch digital picture frames by Nixplay!! Check this 2018 raffle list to see what is your #/s. You can have multiple #s attached to your name. Contact for more information of if you need clarifications.


That's all I have so far for 2019, I want to make these announcements now so you all can start thinking about booking a session with me for 2019 year. I hope to see some returning faces and meet many more new faces as well! Please reach out for any questions and for any of your photography needs.



Thank you for all your love and support!





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