Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long do I expect my photos to be posted online for preview after the photo shoot?

A: Typical turnover rate to post photos online for preview after photo shoot is 14 days or more for Standard Collections and engagement sessions except for Signature 3, it is 21+ days and 3+ months for Weddings. During peak seasons, which is Summer and Fall, Standard Collection galleries can take up to 14 days or more and weddings can take up to the max of 3 months or more, depending on the order of my edit workload.


Q: Can you email or enable digital download for one or two photos so I can have it on time for my event?

A: No. I do not email any photos nor do I enable digital download for one or two photos of your choice for any sessions. It is your responsibility to turn in your list in a timely manner in order for me to ship the photo package out for you to have in time for your event. The photo package will include the disk of the images, 1 print release, and/or prints if prints came with your collection. For Standard Collections (Mini, Special, Graduate Special, Signature 1-2) & Engagement session from the Gold Signature Wed Collection, the only way I will enable digital download access and release my watermark from the photos in your gallery is if you buy the full gallery for a payment of $60.00. If you're only sticking to the # of photos that was offered in the collection and still want digital download access to those chosen images, there is a sur-charge. Payment must be paid in full before I can enable digital download access.


Q: What if I like all of my photos in my standard collection gallery and don't want to just choose the # of photos that was offered in the collection, what if I want to keep all of the photos in my gallery?

A: If you want to buy a few additional photos, more than the # of photos that was offered in the Standard Collections: Mini, Special, Sig 1, Sig 2, Graduate Special and Gold Signature Engagement Session, it is $5.00/photo to be added to the disk or if you want to keep every single photo in your gallery, it is $60.00. I will bill you an invoice if you want to do either one of these two options. If you do buy the full gallery for $60.00, the incentive is that I will enable digital download access and I will release my watermark from all the photos in your gallery so that you can digitally download the un-watermarked images straight from my website and onto your PC or electronic devices. This digital download is optional and is there for your convenient use as part of the incentive. You will also receive a disk of the images.

Q: What if I don't want my photos on a CD format and only want a USB flash drive?

A: If you don't want the CD and want the option of having a USB flash drive, then it is $20.00 added for this option. You can also provide your own USB flash if you'd like, however, your USB must be given to me on the day of your scheduled photo shoot.


Q: After my session, do you post all the original photos that you took onto your website so that I can choose what photos I'd like you to edit/enhance?

A: No. I edit/enhance all acceptable photos from your session. I try really hard not to delete any images from your session. I do not show or give out any raw or unedited images. I post all enhanced photos online on my website for preview. I do not pick and choose an image or some photos to edit nor do you have that option of choosing what image you'd like me to edit. Again, I edit all acceptable photos to give them a consistent color and light exposure style. When you are given your gallery link and password, those photos shown in your gallery are the final delivered products.


Q: What if I want my photos to be posted online for preview the next day? what if I don't want to wait that 1-14 day period to have my photos posted online because I want my photos sooner?

A: If you want me to edit/enhance your photos from any of the Standard Collections to be posted the next day or in two days and do not want to wait 14+ days, this is called 'Rush Hour' and there will be a $50.00 fee added. The reason why there is a $50.00 charged fee is because your photos will be a priority over all the other sessions that came before yours. This does not apply to weddings, there is no Rush Hour for wedding photos to be edited faster as it will typically take the standard of 3+ months.


Q: Can you make me skinnier and can you make my face look flawless?

A: The purpose of my photography is to capture real images in its authentic and natural setting; therefore, I cannot make you skinny or guaranteed to make your skin or face look flawless. The style of my photography is to not rely heavily on photo shop or do any major enhancements that distort or alter subjects and objects from its originality. I do color and light exposure enhancements to all the images, but I keep the edits very minimal.


Q: What if I want you to crop a photo, remove unwanted items on me/other members in the photo, or add something to a photo?

A: With these kind of requests by the client/s, it is called 'Special Edit' and I do not do any kind of special editing per client requests. When previewing your photos in your gallery, those are the final delivered products. I can, however, make a photo black and white, crop or flip a photo of your choice.


Q: What type of editing software do you use?

A: I use Lightroom to edit all my photos and this is my only source of editing software to enhance your images.


Q: Can I make my prints at other printing service's, like Walmart and Walgreens?

A: It is highly recommended that you order your prints from your session that you had with me through my photo services. I do not recommend any of my clients to make their prints at Walmart, Walgreens, and Shutterfly for quality purposes. I have found that other certain printing services prints have very poor quality results and do not typically match the color calibration that was enhanced by my editing software program. If you want high quality and color accurate prints, please message me and I can give you instructions on how to place a print order through my service.


Q: I'm in my gallery and I noticed your watermark, can you remove your watermark from my photos?

A: My watermark is on your photos in your gallery for copyright reasons so I can not remove it from the images. However, any given images on the disk and prints will not have my watermark.


Q: What if I never received my photo package, even though the tracking # said it was successfully delivered?

A: I am not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. If the client/s haven't received their photo package and the tracking information says it was successfully delivered to the address; in cases like these where the photo packaged could be stolen or misplaced,  I can repackage the items again but there is a charged fee. Prices may be subjected to change at any given time.

 To repackage Mini & Special Standard collection - $50.00

 To repackage Signature 1-3 Standard collection - $100.00

 To repackage Gold Signature Engagement session - $100.00

 To repackage Sweet Wedding collection - $250.00

 To repackage Blissful or Gold Signature Wedding collection - $350.00